Our seating collection clearly demonstrates the virtues of choice, flexibility and value Wreake Valley Craftsmen make available to you. Manufactured to the highest standards with quality of design and robustness of form to the fore, the Wreake Valley Craftsmen collection gives you all the options you need as a specifier. With a broad range of elbow chairs, side chairs, arm chairs, easy chairs and footstools, the elegant basic forms can be customised to your exact specification. Below is a sample of our range…

Bronte Chair by Wreake Valley CraftsmenBronte Side Chair

A richly upholstered spoon back profile, accentuated by the spohisticated single button through to the reverse, makes the Bronte Side Chair a distinguished choice for dining and occasional use.

Danbury Side Chair by Wreake Valley CraftsmenDanbury Side Chair

The fine upholstery finish and simple show wood frame makes the Daubury Side Chair a chic and stylish choice for dining and occasional use.

Berkeley Compacy Tub Chair by Wreake Valley CraftsmenBerkeley Compact Tub Chair

The distinctive rounded contour of the Berkeley Compacy Tub Chair combined with tight upholstered arms is perfect for condensed seating areas.

Blakeney Tub Chair by Wreake Valley CraftsmenBlakeney Tub Chair

The sumptuous deep buttoned back of the Blakeney Tub Chair is beautifully balanced by the detail of the turned leg.

Coniston Tub Chair by Wreake Vallety CraftsmenConiston Tub Chair

Indulgently upholstered for maximum comfort, the luxurious Coniston Tub Chair offers a contemporary twist through its classic shape and shallow buttoning.


Sumptuous and gently curved, the Malvern Tub Chair looks wonderful in fabric or leather. Finished with piping detail and the clean lines of the show wood plinth.

Shelly Compacy Tub Chair by Wreake Valley CraftsmenShelly Compact Tub Chair

The finely finished and polished detailing of the Shelly Compact Tub Chair enhance this dramatic yet comfortable accent chair.

Dunhill Bar Stool by Wreake Valley CraftsmenDunhill Bar Stool

The Dunhill Bar Stool is perfectly balanced, featuring an elegantly curved back and a bold show wood frame.